Five of the Best: Retro DAB Radios

Technology might move on, but our love of the designs of yesteryear persists – strengthens, even – and so we end up with rather beautiful-looking but advanced appliances in our homes…which is all right by us! Bearing that in mind, this week we look at retro-style DAB radios, which take their inspiration mainly from wirelesses of the 1950s. Here are our five favourites, each of them available from an online retailer near you!

Rydell Portable Retro 50s DAB Radio
Rydell Portable Retro 50s DAB Radio – £47.99, GPO

Fans of vintage style will appreciate this lovely Rydell portable DAB radio, which combines a 1950s-style exterior with DAB technology. It’ll give you access to both DAB+ and DAB band III as well as FM digital radio and twenty preset radio stations. Helpfully, it has an alarm function as well, which allows you to wake up to the radio or a built-in buzzer (or you can just press ‘snooze’, like the rest of us!).  It’s mains as well as battery operated and measures 31cm by 27cm.

Akai DAB Pale Blue Retro Radio

DAB Pale Blue Retro Radio – £39.99 (was £69.99), Akai

We move onto real bargain now – currently on sale at a shade over half its original price, this DAB radio from Akai is finished in a pale blue faux leather finish, though versions are also available in black, red or cream. Equipped with a headphone socket, it has FM/PLL and DAB radio built in, as well as twenty preset stations. It’s mains or battery-operated (the 4 AA batteries it requires aren’t included).

ROBERTS Revival Mini DAB/FM Digital Radio in Red

Revival Mini DAB/FM Digital Radio in Red – £139.95, Roberts

We couldn’t really look at retro DAB radios without looking at the daddy of them all – though in a more compact form than you might be used to! The Revival Mini DAB & FM Digital radio from Roberts is perfect for your bedside or kitchen, at a diminutive 19cm high (and 14.5cm along the sides). It has a clear LCD screen so you can easily identify which station of the array of DAB or FM stations you’re listening to, and a gold-plated stereo AUX in socket means you can connect your iPod, phone or MP3 player.

Goodmans Oxford DAB and FM Radio Moss

Oxford DAB and FM Radio – £66.89, Goodmans

The Oxford DAB and FM radio from Goodmans has a simple shape and interface and a moss green-coloured exterior, which is attached to a natural leather carrying handle by chrome effect knobs at either side. Showcasing the style of the Swinging Sixties, the radio has rotary tuning and volume controls as well as AUX in and headphone sockets. It has presets for your favourite stations and will give you access to DAB+, digital and FM radio.

View Quest Hepburn Mk II DAB Radio & Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts

Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Design Hepburn Mk II DAB Radio & Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – £129.99 (was £149.99), View Quest

It might be super-cute and festooned with pink hearts, but this VQ Hepburn Mk II DAB+ radio and Bluetooth speaker unit’s leatherette exterior belies its high-tech spec! It contains dual BMR flat panel speakers and will relay your favourite music to you with faithful clarity, whether that’s from DAB, DAB+, FM radio, Bluetooth or via its AUX connection. It has a MyEQ function so you can control the bass and treble separately and preset stations as well as dual alarms and a countdown timer.

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