What is this HappyShopper site all about then?

HappyShopper is a shopping site – well, hub – relating news on the latest designs and products. It presents you with sales news and lists products from a massive range of UK online retailers of all sizes and types.

Can I contact HappyShopper?

Yes – if you wish to ask us about anything regarding our site or content, please drop us a line at our contact page.

What sorts of shops will I find on HappyShopper?

An array of shops stocking a huge variety of products from online brands and retailers of all sizes – each of them carefully chosen by our in-house team, based on strict standards of quality and safety.

Does HappyShopper sell products? How can I shop?

Though we don’t sell products directly on our site or have them in our own warehouses, if you click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button on any product page you’ll be taken directly to the retailer’s site – you can then purchase the product directly.

How do filters work?

There are filters on each of the shopping category pages which relate to product details such as colour, brand, shop or price. They’ll enable you to easily find the products most relevant to your search.

I’d like to ask something about my order/a product/returns/exchanges.

We don’t process orders directly on this website, so please get in touch with the site of the retailer from where you purchased your product.

Why does HappyShopper show a different price to the retailer’s current price?

We do our best to ensure all price info is as up-to-date as possible, but they sometimes differ between HappyShopper and the relevant retailer, as retailers change prices frequently. Please report any errors on our contact page and we’ll put them right them as soon as we can.

Any other questions?

Please make sure you drop us a line at our contact page and we will reply to you promptly.